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    Do you ever feel like you’re a bit stuck in the cycle of restriction, overeating and guilt?

    Maybe you eat really well then something outside of your control happens and you go ‘off the rails’?

    What about when you’re really anxious, stressed or bored, do you find yourself endlessly snacking?

    Well, mindful eating is a powerful technique that you can learn to help you begin to heal your relationship with food. Many of us go about our day eating around distractions, barely noticing the flavours of the food we are eating.

    By slowing down and becoming aware and grounded during mealtimes, not only will you begin to notice things like the textures and taste of food, but you will be able to bring enjoyment back to your eating experience.

    My free 7-day Mindful Eating Challenge is a simple commitment you can make to yourself to learn and practice the art of mindful eating, just once a day for seven days.

    With daily emails, an activity workbook and a supportive community, you’ll gain the knowledge, techniques and experience you need to bring mindfulness to not only your eating experience, but your everyday life long into the future.

    If you feel like the benefits of mindful eating are something you want to explore further, then this challenge is perfect for you.

    Over the 7 days you will learn:

                    • What mindful eating is and why it is important;
                    • How to use your senses to savour your meals;
                    • How to free yourself from distractions and mindless eating at mealtimes;
                    • How to slow down and embrace the art of eating;
                    • How to tune into your ‘true hunger’;
                    • Why it is important to check in with yourself and your emotions; and
                    • Why it is important to be kind to yourself and reflect on your journey

    You’ll be surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded women with lifetime access to our challenge private Facebook group.

    So if you are done with fad diets, emotional eating and restricting yourself from your favourite foods then this free 7-day Mindful Eating Challenge is for you.

    Now is the time to make yourself a priority.

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