A Beginner’s Guide to a Wholefoods Lifestyle

Memories etched into my mind and heart are of times when cooking real food brought people together.

We’re all leading busy lives. The mere thought of cooking after a long day at work is the least of our priorities. Often, we surrender to convenience and opt for the quickest and easiest choice to get dinner over and done with.

The joy of the family table has been lost, with people so engrossed in their devices they are no longer having real conversations. It’s sad but true. Think about how many times you go out to dinner and people are on their phone while sitting opposite another human being. I’ve been guilty of it that’s for sure. However, I now make a conscious effort to not have my devices anywhere near me when in the company of others.

Unfortunately, that is what it is these days – a conscious effort. An individual choice we have to make and to make it can be too overwhelming for some. If convenience has gotten the better of you thus far, that’s ok because we all need a little help sometimes.

It’s never too late to adopt new habits and lay a wholefoods foundation for you and your family. So, whether you’re not sure what to cook, how to meal plan for the week or even what a wholefood diet consists of, I’m here to help!

For many, the thought of adopting something new is paralysing, dare I say it – anxiety causing. Often not sure where or how to start. My advice is to start slowly by implementing changes gradually and sure enough you’ll begin to develop healthy habits in no time.

So, if you’re here because you are that someone that wants to start changing the way meal times are in your household, or just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle by implementing more wholefoods into your diet, then I’m hoping this little guide will help you along the way.

The Breakdown

To make this journey easy for you and far less overwhelming, I’ll be breaking the guide up into three parts.

Part 1: Your New Wholefoods Journey

So, we can’t get you set on your new wholefoods journey without chatting about why it’s important and what this journey means to you. I’ll outline some really important steps moving forward and discuss why progress is far more important that perfection.

Part 2: Stocking Your Household

We’ll then move on to discuss pantry and fridge staples and how to make your dollar go further.

Part 3: Your Seasonal Produce Guides

This guide will become your BFF in the kitchen. By knowing what is in season and when, you’ll be able to plan accordingly and save money too. Cooking in season has so many benefits and I can’t wait to help you with this part of your wholefoods journey.

Part 4: Your A to Z Guide to Foods

Finally, we’ll talk individual ingredients with an A-Z of foods outlining their benefits and the best ways to utilise them when cooking. While this handy guide is still in the making, be sure to sign up to our mailing list to be first to know as soon as it’s released.

As you embark on your journey, enjoy it. Take your time, as it’s about more than what you eat. It is about getting back in the kitchen and connecting with those around you. Head out to your local farmers market and meet the growers and get to know those in your community. This journey starts with you and developing an understanding of your personal health needs.

A wholefoods lifestyle should not only nourish your body, but also your mind and spirit.

Here’s to wholefood health and happiness!